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Master's thesis - the climax of your academic education

The master's thesis is considered to be a very important period in academic engineering programmes, since it is an opportunity for students to be actively involved in the research of the discipline of your choice. The studyload of the Master's thesis is equivalent to 24 ects credits, meaning that you will spend between 600 and 720 hours working on your Master's thesis! To avoid stress due to a lack of time at the end of the academic year, you should keep track of the work you have done (timesheet). During that time you will train your research skills, part of which you have already practiced in other courses. It will take perseverance, creativity, time management, objectivity, a critical attitude....

Good luck with it!


Details on the procedure to follow of choosing your topic and your promotor are available on the website of your programme:


In master programs taught in English, the language of the Master's thesis is English. If duly motivated, the program director can accept a request to write the Master's thesis in another language. Regardless of the language, students have to respect linguistic standards.



General guidelines for the written report can be found here. Be careful: this year the template for the cover is compulsary. The template for the body of the text is optional.

Guidelines for the cover: If you use the LaTeX-template for the text, you can also use it to make the cover. If you don't use the LaTeX-template you can copy the appropriate file from the list of scripts, enter some data in this file (using Notepad or a LaTeX-compatible word processor) and send it (in .txt format) as an attachment to '' , the subject of the message being 'gen-titelblad'. (list of scripts, list of UDC-numbers). You will receive automatically a pdf-file with your cover and first pages. Follow the instructions!

Guidelines for the text: Preferentially you make the rest of your thesis using the LateX-template (instructions to install LateX under windows - in Dutch). There is also a WORD-template - please follow the general guidelines.


A template for an agreement containing a clause of transfer of rights: English - Dutch

It is recommended to discuss this matter with your promotor before starting your Master's thesis.


Evalutation criteria

The programme committee of the Faculty of Engineering has approved a Memo with guidelines for the evaluation of the Master's thesis. (in dutch). Click here for the evaluationsheet used for Master theses.


The Master's thesis has to be filed electronically in the University Library. Information on the procedure is available on TOLEDO or here. Note that you will have to upload a separate abstract from this year on.

There are many ways to merge pdf-files into a single file. Some possibilities:

  • Adobe professional
  • Linux ("pdfjoin-" and "pdftk"-commandos)
  • Interactive websites (e.g. and
  • Free software for Windows (search 'pdfmerge' or 'pdfjoin')



If you have any problems or complains, please contact your ombuds.


What can you expect from your promotor, from you daily supervisor?



Calender 2011-2012:

As a general guideline, Master's theses should be submitted by

  • Sunday 15 January 2012 for the first exam period
  • Friday 8 June 2012 for the second exam period
  • Friday 24 August 2012 for the third exam period.

Please check the specific deadlines for your programme.

During the first and the third exam period the defense of the thesis is organised 3 or 4 days before the deliberation. In the second exam period the defense takes place during the week before the deliberation.

The deadline for the Masterproefprijzen 2011-2012 is Friday June 8, 2012.



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